Two Needle Slippers

My project yesterday was a pair of slippers for my grandsons birthday.  Only one problem, they fit me!  Boys grow like weeds and for some reason I guess I just forgot that.  But, that’s o.k. – I do have more grandsons and I’m sure they’ll fit one of them.  I’ll just put them away for later.  So guess what I’ll be making today!  Another pair only much bigger.  The pattern is a very old one.  I’ve had it for years.  I’ not sure who the original creator was, but I linked a previous pair I made to the one listed on Ravelry.The pattern is very easy and a good one for a new knitter.  I think I’ve made 50+ pairs in the past.  I used size US 6 needles and acrylic yarn from my stash in grey and a dark blue for the bottoms.


One Response to “Two Needle Slippers”

  1. Abigail Says:

    Aw, what a shame they don’t fit, they look great. If they’re made of wool, perhaps you could felt them a bit? It makes for stronger cosier slippers too.

    (just stopping by from rav bloggers group to say hi 😀 )

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