Flower Knitting Tote Bag

Today I thought I’d share my knitting tote bag with you.  I made it a few weeks ago and after testing it out, I really like it.  I am what you might call a bag fanatic.  I love collecting and using different bags, tote bags & hand bags, small bags & large bags – just bags in general. 

I am ready for spring, so I used bright, warm weather material from my stash.  I did not use a particular pattern.  There are so many good free patterns for bags on-line that I take a few ideas from each and put them together to make a tote.  Here is a very good easy to make bag I use as a guide in making bags.

The finished measurements are: 14″h x 18″w x 8″d.  It holds all of my straight needles, circular needles, dp’s, crochet hooks, reference books, etc., as well as projects, yarn, and all the little accessories.   The inside is large enough to comfortably fit my embroidery floss boxes.   The handles make it easy for me to pick it up and take it from room to room.  I covered a piece of plastic canvas for the bottom to make it a little sturdier.  When it is full, it is a little heavy for traveling but, I do have a number of other totes to use for that purpose!  (click on photo for a better look).


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