Starting a Cross Stitch Project

Yesterday was spent planning a cross stitch project (which I haven’t done in a long while).  I didn’t have any problem selecting a project.  Being ready for and thinking about spring, I fell in love with EMS’s “Basket with Hedgehog”.   I am also very happy it is a free pattern!

 I have all the floss I need but, the pattern suggests using 28ct. Jobelan.  I don’t have any 28ct. cloth and I had no idea what Jobelan was.  Also, how much cloth will I need and how big is my project going to be on 28ct cloth?  So, In my quest to know, I was off hunting for answers.  I found a wonderful site in which an article, written by Lizzie Bolton, explained everything I wanted to know about Jobelan. 

 I was then off to find out the answer to the question as to how much to buy and how big my project would end up.  I am happy to report I found another site that does the calculating for you!  All I had to do was plop my information in and hit a button.  It looks like the weather will be beautiful and I will be heading to JoAnn’s for supplies.  I better add needles to my list.


One Response to “Starting a Cross Stitch Project”

  1. katie Says:

    Cute design! I’ve never done cross stitch, but I always see them in the craft store and think they’re cute. Good luck!

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