Magnifier Craft Light

What a beautiful day it was yesterday for my trip to JoVusion Craft LightAnn’s for my stitching supplies.  JoAnn’s does not carry the recommended Jobelan cloth, so I purchased M.C.G. Textiles; 28 ct., 100% cotton, evenweave (linen).

My, is that hard to see!  I set my pole lamp next to my chair and got out the magnifier I have that is attached to a cord around my neck.  I was told it looked wierd.  Not only did it look wierd, it wasn’t comfortable.  It didn’t stay put either.  Hence, my quest for something better.

Aminca, a Ravelry knitter, recommended the Light Bright Vusion.  It is an adjustable arm clip on 2X magnifier with an LED light.  It comes in three colors; purple, teal, & silver.  I googled for other options and kept coming back to this one.  I love my adjustable arm clip on reading light I got for Christmas and this is similar.  The price is also very reasonable. 

 I have linked you to the manufactures web-site, but if you do a google search you will find different prices and shipping charges.  The manufactures web-site was the only one I found that also offers an L.E.D. AC adapter for an additional charge.

I would love to hear from others on their experience with this product or if any of you have found one they like better.  I am thinking about purchasing this one.


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