Monday’s Melange

What a busy week it was!  I survived my first week of blogging.  There is still so much to learn and get set up.  All in good time.  Thank you for visiting and coming back for more!  This is a work in progress that I enjoying sharing. 

I started my EMS’s “Basket with Hedgehog” cross stitch.  I am using DMC Gold Tapestry Needles #26.  I like them, but I would like to try a #28 with this project.  Unfortunately JoAnn’s did not have them.  I was having a hard time keeping track of which stitches I already did and where I was at, so I am now using a yellow highlighter on completed stitches.  It is working great.  I will have to reprint the chart if I want to make another one, but that’s o.k..  Having  the magnifier on a rope around my neck was uncomfortable and awkward.  I am now using a pair of lightweight reading glasses placed over my bifocals.  I may look a little funny, but it works perfectly!  I can still watch TV, read the pattern and cross stitch.   Even though I really like the Vusion Magnifier Light I may not order it just now.  Instead, I will add it to my wish list for my kids.  Parents are hard to buy for – just ask them!

The 2nd pair of 2 needle slippers were finished.  I really like the navy bottoms with the gray tops.  I think the look is very masculine.  They are 10″ long, so they should fit his size 11 foot. 

My “helpers” are always together.  Don’t let those cute faces fool you!


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