Cross Stitch Ornaments & Mystery Books

Today I thought I would work on my cross stitch.  I think it is coming along nicely.  It’s not perfect, but then I am a very hard critic.  I’m not sure what I will do with it when it is finished.  I just decided to make it because I liked the pattern.  Does anyone else ever do that? 

I also found some cute Christmas cross stitch patterns on the EMS site.  She has an advent calendar with really cute pictures and she is offering  them for free.   I think they will make adorable ornaments which I can give as gifts. 

Our inter-loan library system is fantastic.  I’ve reserved a number of books that I am waiting to come in.  A few are about knitting & cross stitch and a few more are mystery books.  I love reading.  When I was younger I read a lot of romance novels.  Now I’m into mysteries.  I will read the entire series and move on to another.  When I finish a series that I like I feel disappointed that it had to end. My favorite site for finding a good mystery book is “Stop, You’re Killing Me!”. 

I hope you have a nice day and thanks for visiting!


One Response to “Cross Stitch Ornaments & Mystery Books”

  1. Ellen Says:

    One long running (a plus, I think!) series of mysteries are the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series by Laurie King. I am looking forward to her next book in the series coming out in April, 2010.

    Also, I’ve been going back and listening (via. Libri Vox) and reading (via my library) Mary Roberts Rinehart. A little old fashioned but entertaining!

    Popped over here from Ravelry – very nice work!

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