The Ides of March

The middle of March.  Only 5 more days until it is officially spring!  Winter is behind us, March winds are here, April showers are just ahead, which will bring May flowers. 

I love living where we experience the changes of seasons.  I love the smell of spring rain which prompts the grass and plants to green up and the flowers to bloom.  I enjoy the warmth from the sun in the summer, having the windows and doors open with the fresh air flowing through, or sitting outside reading or stitching.  It is nice to go to the beach; watch the children cool off playing in the water, the ducks and geese splashing about or just relaxing with my feet in the water.  BBQ’s, can’t forget the smell and taste of food cooked on the grill.  And, when summer comes to an end I enjoy the beauty of fall; the changing colors of the leaves, the cooler days, the birds flying south for the winter and the children go back to school.  Before you know it, winter is upon us with lots of snow and cold air.  This is when I enjoy staying indoors watching the snow come down, reading a good book or stitching with a cup of cocoa or coffee by a nice warm fire in the fireplace.   Yep,  I love the changes in the seasons.  Today, I’m glad it is only 5 more days until spring!


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