Baby Diaper Tote Bag

In an effort to “Go Green” I am trying to use less wrapping paper when gift giving.  Recently I made a few things for a new baby and instead of using gift wrap I made a tote bag to put the items in.  It seems all new mom’s can use a bag to cart all that baby paraphernalia.  Sometimes you need something big and other times you are just looking for a small tote to fit in the stroller or a bag to hold toys. 

The size of the bag I make depends on the material I have on hand.  I love to go through JoAnn’s remnant bin and look for bargains.  That way when I need a quick gift and I don’t feel like running to the store I can look in my stash for something suitable. 

As I mentioned before in the Flower Knitting Tote post,  this tote pattern is an excellent reference to use in designing your own tote.  Just adjust the measurements to suit your needs.

One feature I like to add to my totes are side pockets to hold baby bottles and water bottles.  If I can, I like to use a darker, sturdier fabric for the bottom.  I line all of my bags – I hate looking at seams.  On the inside, side pockets are nice for additional bottles and items.  Using your leftover pieces of material is an easy way to add a couple other pockets. 

Totes are a reusable, cute and a very appreciated gift to give.


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