Baby Bibs

As you can guess by now, I love to make baby items.  I just need more grandkids! 

It sure is hard to keep those little ones clean!  You just get them dressed and ready to go, next thing you know they spit up all over and another outfit is needed.  I’d rather wash bibs than outfits. 

Making a baby bib is not that hard to do and they are nice gifts to give.  Just trace your favorite size bib or find a pattern on-line.  Bibs come in all shapes and sizes – just like babies.  Here is a site with some nice ideas, tutorials and patterns.

The nice thing about bibs is that you can use a variety of fabrics.  I like to use flannel leftovers from burp cloths and receiving blankets.  You can also use the leftovers from your diaper bag totes or splurge and buy new material!  Terry cloth is also a good choice of fabric.  Make your bib reversible with a different material on either side. 

I like to put a piece of cotton batting between the layers.  You never know how wet the little ones are going get and you don’t want to soak through to their nice outfit. 

Bibs can be decorated with rick-rack, lace, ribbon, applique, etc. to add a little extra.  I didn’t do it with the one pictured above, but it sure does add that special touch.  I made the bib pictured above with the leftover material from the receiving blanket I shared with you yesterday.  It is nice to have matching items as a gift.  Have fun creating!  I know I sure do.

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