Island Refuge

I just finished reading the 2nd book in Linda Hall’s Coast of Maine series  – Island Refuge.  It was an interloan book through our local library.  The library placed a cross on the binding of the book deeming it Christian.  I read nothing prior to receiving this book, or in reading the 1st book, that it was a religious series.  Although the book does refer to God and has some references to religion, I would not have labeled the book as such.   

 The main characters in this book have found refuge in an abandoned church.  The book deals with their trials and tribulations and how they work through the baggage from their past.  There is that element of the unknown and the figuring out “who done it”, as in most mysteries. 

I enjoyed this book and I will be reading the 3rd book in the series.  Although both her 1st and 2nd book are set in Maine, none of the characters are the same.  You can read these books in any order.


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