Summer Cable Slippers using Red Heart Yarn

I decided to make up a couple more pairs of Summer Cable slippers for the other granddaughters and I didn’t have any cotton or cotton-mix yarn left in “girlie” colors, but I did have some Red Heart Super Saver yarn (100% acrylic) that I thought would work up nicely. 

The 1st pair I made was the Monet (pictured left).  I really liked the look and feel of these slippers.  Although they are not as soft or as “summery” as the ones previously made using TLC Cotton Plus, they are a nice pair of slippers.  I then made the pair to the right, using Red Heart Super Saver in Watercolor.  The yarn itself before working up was stiffer and not as supple as the Monet yarn – same name, same brand, same weight.  When I was finished with the 2nd pair I found them to work up slightly larger (same size needles too). 

I then decided to compare them by weight.  So, I took out the food scale and weighed each pair individually.  I like to weigh my projects anyway so that I will know how much yarn I used incase I would like to make another project and use leftover stash yarn.  The Monet pair weighed 1 3/8 oz. compared to the Watercolor which weighed 1 5/8 oz.  Again –  same name, same brand & same weight of yarn, but a 2/8 oz. difference in the amount of yarn used.  I know it isn’t any big deal – I just find that interesting and thought you might too.


One Response to “Summer Cable Slippers using Red Heart Yarn”

  1. Wanda Brown Says:

    Love ’em. Really cute! Going to have to give them a try some time soon.

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