Knit Summer Sun Hat

I need a sun hat for summer and found a new pattern on Ravelry by Joan Beebe, Mother’s Day Hat Pattern.  As far as I can tell, it is only available as a free download through Ravelry.  Her pattern calls for a bulky weight paper yarn.  Yes, that’s right – paper!  I do not have anything in my stash that would compare to that, but I really wanted to make the hat.  I used TLC Cotton Plus in an olive-green and added a couple increases and a few more rounds to the brim to compensate for the weight of the yarn.                                                                                         

The hat worked up quickly, fits beautifully and I am pleased with the outcome.  Only one problem, I am not a hat person and it looked terrible on me.  Without using her paper yarn that would have body to it, my hat flopped too much.  (See photo to right).  I decided to try adding wire around the brim.  The only wire I could find that might work was some green floral wire.  It is not professional millinery wire, but it worked. (See photos above to left).

After re-trying it on, I like it better, but still not 100% satisfied.  It needs something – embelishment of some sort.  I found some ribbon and I am thinking of adding that to jazz it up a little.  The only other problem is the color I used.  I don’t think the dark green was meant to be used for a summer hat.  I think I will re-try making the hat using different yarn and a lighter color.  I really do like the pattern.  I would love to see some other hats made with this pattern.


2 Responses to “Knit Summer Sun Hat”

  1. Wanda Brown Says:

    I love this hat! My mother is the same way, wears a hat while outside. What kind of yarn are you going to try on the next hat? I don’t even know where to get the papaer yarn around here.

    • klccreations Says:

      Thanks Wanda, I’m not sure what yarn I should try. I would love to hear some suggestions from others. I haven’t looked yet for paper yarn. Next trip out I will though.

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