Time – Books & Crafts

I’ve been a reader, knitter and crocheter for years.  I find I do these and other crafts in spurts.  I will find a series of books I like and read constantly until I’ve read them all or until they get repetitive and boring.  I also feel guilty when I spend all my time reading and having nothing to show for it in the end.  Then I will decide I need to “do something constructive”, so I find a project to make. 

I like to do all types of crafts, but I think my favorite would be knitting.  The more I knit, the more I learn.  I enjoy making new things that I haven’t tried before; different techniques, different patterns, different yarn weights etc.  The challenge is figuring it all out and ending up with a finished project that does not go in the misfit bin.  I think my mom and my grandma would be pleased with how much I have learned and improved over time. 

I like to do other crafts too, but, as an example, you can’t take your sewing machine with you in the car or sit outside with it, etc.  With knitting or crocheting you can pack up a small project and work on it anywhere.  You are still able to carry on a conversation with those around you and in the end you have something to show for your time. 

I have more than one project going at a time.  I work on something more complicated that requires thought and concentration when I am alone and I work on “no brainers” when I am expected to carry on a conversation with more than a nod and “uh huh”.  I will also do an easier project when we are watching a movie.  I can’t just sit and watch TV!

I think I enjoy looking through patterns, deciding on a project and shopping for the supplies as much as I enjoy the process of making it.  I love sharing with family and friends my finished project.  I’m glad I have a family that appreciates what I do and understands the time and skill involved in completing it. Now to get one of my girls or granddaughters to pick up my love and carry on the crafts to the next generations.


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