Left-Over Baby Socks

It seems like every bootie or sock you put on a baby continually falls off.  I enjoy making both booties and socks.  They are cute, adorable and a nice addition to an outfit.  The problem is finding ones that stay on their feet and don’t end up collecting dust in a dresser drawer.   

I found a pattern a while back that has been mom tested and approved!  Matthew Hesson-McInnis, PhD created the Left-Over Baby Socks for Needleworks, Inc.  There are 2 versions of the sock pattern; the turned-heel and the short-row heel.  The pattern uses US size 2 dpns with fingering weight sock yarn.  If you are not familiar with making socks, this is an excellent pattern to learn on.  It is also a nice one to learn how to work with dpns. The pattern has very clear, well written instructions.   

For the pair of white socks pictured I used Pingouin Pingorex Baby fingering weight yarn.  It is now discontinued.  The socks measure 4″ long with a 2 1/2″ ribbed cuff. Ravelry, my favorite knitting/crocheting community, shows more than 240 projects made with this pattern.  It is fun to see all the different colors and yarns worked up in the same pattern.




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