Schlep Bag

This is Earth Week and yesterday I shared with you a slide show on the damage plastic bags can do to our planet. 

As you know, I love bags!  I love to make bags and I love to use bags – of all types.  One of my favorite bags to make and to use is the Schlep Bag.  Why?  Because the bag holds a ton, feels good hanging on my shoulder and it looks really cool.  I’ve made a dozen of these bags and I gave a few bags away as gifts.  My granddaughter uses hers as a school book tote.  One of my daughters lugs her work-out clothes for the gym in one.  They also make great beach bags and handbags. I love to use mine at JoAnn’s.  It holds a heap of material and yarn.

The bag itself is unique and easy to make.  I’ve seen the same style of bag knit and quilted.  What makes this bag unique is the construction; a square bottom with connecting sides.  I line my bags and even add pockets on the inside.  The pattern I found, with nice easy to understand directions, was written by Sentimental Stitches.  The pattern does have a couple of errors.  Just Sew has written up and diagramed a few tips along with corrections.

These are a few of the bags I’ve made for myself.  I love how easy it is to make one pattern look so diverse by the placement and utilization of different material.  They are well used!


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