Blog Week Bloggers

Monday is day 1 of blog week.  I can’t believe how many knitter’s and crocheter’s blog.  We have about 75 participating in next weeks blogfest.  I will be reading all day!  I can’t wait to compare my experiences and views with everyone elses. 

I have listed in the column to the right links to all of our fellow “Blog Week Bloggers” for your convenience and mine.  I would ♥love♥ it if you would also link me to your blogs.  I hope you all have a fun week of blogging, reading other’s blogs and making new friends. ♥


2 Responses to “Blog Week Bloggers”

  1. LizzieK8 Says:

    My blog is Lizzie’s Loose Ends not Lizzie Sends…. ;-}

    Can’t wait to start this tomorrow. Will put a link on my post today over here!

  2. klccreations Says:

    Sorry Lizzie. I fixed it. I didn’t check your blog before linking. I just copied the link. Thanks for linking me to your blog. Happy Knitting!♥

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