Day 4 of Blog Week: A New Skill

There are so many different knitting and crocheting techniques and styles I haven’t tried or know how to do.  I’ve been knitting and crocheting for years, but I will never know it all.  The nice thing is, I love to learn. 

Something I have never tried before is to knit with beads or sequins.  I’ve embellished a project by sewing them on after I was finished knitting, but never knit a bead or sequin into the project.  As I mentioned yesterday, my grandmother made beautiful sequined shells with a sequin knit into every stitch. 

To me, it would be a tedious task.  One I’m sure would have amazing results, but a painstakingly long process nevertheless.  I’m not sure what projects would benefit by adding them to it.   I am thinking a lace scarf might be an excellent choice.  I would certainly wear the scarf and it would be very dressy looking.  It would also make a nice gift.  

I have found there are many helpful “how to” videos and websites on bead knitting.  I just don’t know if I’m up to doing it right now.  And wouldn’t you have to use a really small needle size to get the sequins or beads on?  Which would make the process take even longer.  I’d have to see a really appealing pattern that catches my eye and someone special in mind to knit it for. Then, and only then, would I consider making something with the beads knit into each of the stitches.  And, I’m getting old.  I want to finish the project in this lifetime.   

I don’t know.  I’m still mulling it over.  Do I or don’t I?  Which pattern?  How do I go about it?  Tempt me.  If you know of a pattern that would be perfect for me, please let me know.  In the meantime, I’ll just ponder the thought.

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13 Responses to “Day 4 of Blog Week: A New Skill”

  1. Vivianne Says:

    Oooh, beading ! I’m trying that on my mext project, some scarf. I found the book ‘Knit One Bead Too’ by Judith Durant really helpful …and even has a way that doesn’t involve threading them all on the yarn first …..

  2. knitsamadworld Says:

    What about an Ice Queen, from Not too many beads but enough for the effect.

  3. Fiona Says:

    It’s really not as complicated as it looks – if you thread the beads on beforehand with a tapestry needle it’s really very simple. You just slide a bead up close to the previous stitch and keep knitting. The first pattern I made with beads was these fingerless gloves: – very therapeutic, and looks gorgeous. I hope you do have a go one way or another – good luck!

    • klccreations Says:

      I love the color of the yarn you used and that the beads were the same shade. Very pretty! I might give them a try. Thanks for the encouragement. Happy Knitting!

  4. WorstedKnitt Says:

    Beads are so pretty, but it just seem like a lot of work. I’d love to try it sometime though!

  5. rachel Says:

    I’ve thought about beading, even though there are few beaded items I think I’d actually keep, and the fear of it being so time-consuming usually discourages me. But it’s definitely worth all the effort – beaded items usually turn out beautifully!

  6. fridica Says:

    I don’t know if it’d be perfect for you, but I love “Glisten” by Kim Hargreaves:
    There definitely isn’t a bead on every stitch! I’ve never done beaded knitting either, though, so I don’t know too much. I’m not sure I’d go for it at this point in my knitting career… Too much trouble ; )

  7. Rae Says:

    A few people have talked about beaded knitting today & I never really thought anything about it but I am surely going to have to check into it.

  8. ninja8tofuknitr Says:

    I know a few people that have tried out beading on some of ninaknits(ravelry). She has a new hat pattern with beads and I know several people who have knit Faberge Cowls and Neckwarmers (both are beaded). Her patterns are here:

  9. stephcuddles Says:

    Someone else has already mentioned the ice queen but I’m gunna say it again 😛 I’ve made 3 without the beads and have had a request to make one for a friend with all the beads in, she says she’ll have to show me how to crochet them on. You do something like put the crochet hook through the hole in the bead, then pull the stitch you’ve just made through the hole in the bead and back onto the needles? Anyways, it looks really nice 🙂

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