One for the Road ~ All Tooled Up

My "Must Have" Knitting Tools

“All Tooled Up” was the wildcard topic for last weeks blog week.  I thought it was a great topic and shouldn’t be wasted, so on to our “tools”. 

Knitter’s and crocheter’s use various tools to complete their projects.  Most of our odd assorted gadgets are found in our LYS, but sometimes we find great ideas in the oddest places.  I know knitter’s who use fishing tackle boxes to hold their supplies.  I even have one, although it holds assorted other craft items in it now.  Other knitter’s use a section of an old panty hose leg as a yarn bra, or washers found in a hardware store as stitch markers.  I’m sure there are plenty more examples, I just can’t think of them right now.

I have some favorite knitting and crocheting accessories in my bag.  My daughter gave me a flower tape measure for example.  I also have a small pair of scissors that cut just right and have a nice feel to them.  I love bright colorful gadgets.  They make me happy.  My stitchmarkers are small colored rings in a little plastic holder.  They are not fancy or expensive, just colorful and fun.  I could use plain white rings to mark my stitches, but what fun is that?  I drool over some of the handmade stitch markers I’ve seen used by fellow knitter’s, but I have none in my stash – yet! 

I have a number of bags to hold knitting.  All are special in some way.  But when I leave the house and take a project with me, I like my schlep bag.  Besides that fact that I made it, I like it because it is colorful, has pockets on the inside, holds everything I need and it is comfortable on my shoulder.  I hold all of my small essentials in a small makeup bag  that has a couple of pockets on the inside, colorful of course.  Keeping scissors, yarn needle, crochet hook, and tape measure together is important when you want to pick-up and go.

There are other tools of the trade I find I can’t live without.  One would be post-it-notes.  I love post-it-notes.  I post notes on my patterns as to when the project was made, how long it took, what changes to the pattern I made, the yarn I used, the size of needles used, etc.  I also stick a post-it-note on the table next to me with a pencil to make hash marks for row counting (I’ve tried clickers and their not for me) and other quick little notes.  I even use a sticky note to mark where I am on the pattern.  I just keep moving the sticky note as I continue on.

Knitting needles go without saying. I have at least one full set of straight needles and dpn’s.  I also have many circular needles.  The same goes for yarn.  My stash is plentiful, although I still find the need to buy more. You never have enough of a certain type or weight or color of yarn.  

I enjoy my craft and all the little tools that go with it.  If you have a favorite tool that you can’t live without, I’d love to know about it.  I’d also love to know if there is anything you think I might like to add to my collection. 

I have enjoyed the past week and I hope I have made many new friends and blog readers.  Thanks you for stopping by, reading my posts and leaving comments.  You are really appreciated.  I enjoy sharing my thoughts and anecdotes with you. 

My Schlep Bag and Tools of the Trade


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