Handknit Dishcloths

2 in 1 ♥ Wash N Scrub Dishcloth

  I think everyone who has ever tried a hand knit dishcloth is hooked for life!  I’ve gifted dishcloths to non-knitter’s and have gotten some strange reactions.  I think non-knitter’s wonder why I would spend my time, money and energy knitting a dishcloth when you can go out and buy them.  Then, after they try them, they are hooked.  There is nothing like using a 100% cotton hand knit cloth.  I love all the different pattern and color choices.    

Handknit dishcloths are great for a number of reasons.    

  •     The obvious reason, they work fantastic in the kitchen for dishes and for wiping up messes.    
  •      They are a great way to try out a new pattern.  If you don’t like the pattern for what you were thinking of making, fine – you still have a great dishcloth. 
  •      Dishcloth’s are also wash cloths!  Just change the colors or pattern and voila – a  wash cloth. 
  •      You can use up small amounts of leftover yarn. 
  •      Both dishcloths and wash cloths make for a nice gift. 

I’ll bet you can come up with a few more reasons of your own.  But, who needs a reason anyway!  Dish and face cloths are a fun, quick way to make something useful.  I’m sure everyone has a favorite pattern or two.  Dish and Wash Cloth Mania has listed links to just about every dishcloth on-line.   

 ♥ These are a few of the dishcloths I’ve knit recently. ♥  

 ♥ I think Grandma’s dishcloth is the oldest pattern around.  The pattern is known by many different names.  I’ve even knit shawls with this pattern.  You just keep increasing and never start to decrease, add fringe and you’re done.   

 ♥ The linoleum dishcloth is interesting because it looks so 1950’s with the black and red yarn.  If you use different colors of yarn, you get a totally different look.   

♥ The garterlac dishcloth is my most recent accomplishment.  Now that I’ve figured out how to knit one, I will certainly be making more!   

♥ My favorite is my 2 in 1 ♥ Wash N Scrub Cloth.  I made the one pictured in apple green and pink.  It is a quick knit, reversible with a smooth side and a textured side, thus the “Wash N Scrub”.   

What is your favorite dishcloth pattern and why?  Please share.  I’d love to hear from you.     


Chinese Waves dishcloth


Grandma’s dishcloth

waffle dishcloth

Grandma's eloomanator dishcloth

granite relief dishcloth

Garterlac Dishcloth



8 Responses to “Handknit Dishcloths”

  1. topperarnold Says:

    I absolutely could not pick one favorite pattern. Dishcloths are the bomb. I think I knit them more than anything else.

  2. topperarnold Says:

    Oh, do you know about the 12 Dancing Dishcloths Swap on Ravelry? Check it out.

    • klccreations Says:

      No, I didn’t know about the swap. I will look into it. I’m glad you understand the how hooked you can get into dishcloths! Thanks for commenting and reading my posts.

  3. Vivianne Says:

    LOL actually I am a knitter who does not understand the attraction 😉 so I appreciate the explanation 🙂

  4. knitsamadworld Says:

    I made 3 as gifts at Christmas and another 3 since in a KAL, but I think I’m done with them now. Having said that, they are very exfoliating for the face!

  5. Jill Bastian Says:

    I would like to download the free dishcloth / scrubbie pattern, but we have an Apple computer. Could you send it in Adobe PDF version, so my computer could translate it and print it. It looks like a great pattern. The slippers do, too, but I was unable to download those as well – just got your description, but no actual pattern. Thanks.


  6. barbraabf Says:

    I like all the collection of Dishcloths.

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