Stocking Hats

Water, DS, computer, comfortable spot in front of the TV & stocking hat~Yep, all set.

You just never know which gifts you give will become favorites.  One year I made my grandson a Santa stocking hat for Christmas.  He wore it constantly, even to bed every night.  Then I made him one in blue and maize (University of Michigan colors).  He has had it for a little over a year now and as you can see, it is a favorite.  I don’t know if it is because I made it for him (he has many other items I’ve made him), or because of the colors (he wants to go to U of M), or because it is warm and comfortable.  Maybe it is a combination of reasons or no real reason at all.  All I do know is that he really likes it and wears it often. 

This is one reason I, like many of you, love to knit.  I love seeing the items I’ve created being enjoyed and appreciated by others.  Not all gifts we give will we ever know if they are liked, loved, appreciated or just tossed aside, but it is those items we are able to know about that keeps us inspired to keep on knitting and giving.  What have you made and given away that has become someones favorite and has thus inspired you to keep on knitting and giving?


3 Responses to “Stocking Hats”

  1. topperarnold Says:

    U of M. That’s the Wolverines, right? Great hat. I want to make one for myself now!

    • klccreations Says:

      Sara, Yes, the Michigan Wolverines. It was a fun knit. Thanks for reading my posts and always taking time to comment. You are appreciated. Happy Knitting.

  2. Janet Says:

    What a great picture! My husband has a sweater that I crocheted many, many years ago and still pulls it out each winter. Warms my heart each time!

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