2 in 1: Wash ‘n’ Scrub Cloth

2 in 1 ♥ Wash N Scrub Dishcloth

The other day I posted about my favorite dishcloths.  I mentioned my 2 in 1:  Wash & Scrub Cloth.  It is a great pattern for using up leftover yarn.  I also like the fact that the pattern is so easy to memorize.  I can knit it while watching TV or carrying on a conversation.  It also knits up in an interesting pattern and would make a nice gift.  

I use 100% cotton and US size 7 needles. You can use whatever yarn or needle size you want to get your desired look.  If you want a bigger cloth or smaller cloth, just add or subtract two stitches.  I also found the different brands of cotton yarn come out in different sizes.  Experiment.  Have fun with it. 

The cloth has a smooth side and a textured side.  Smooth for washing, textured for scrubbing – thus “wash ‘n’ scrub!  Now, this cloth is not just for dishes.  No, it also a wash/face cloth.  Use the smooth side on your face for washing and the textured side for exfoliating your skin. (Like my infomercial lingo!). LOL. 

Who could ask for more?   Oh ya – you need the pattern!  Here it is.  Have fun.  Knit a bunch.  Make them in a variety of colors.  Give them out to family and friends.  Sell the finished cloths at bazaars.  But, the pattern itself is free, let’s keep it that way.  Happy Knitting! 

2 in 1: Wash "N" Scrub - Michigan (blue and maize)

2 in 1: Wash "N" Scrub Cloth - Candy Cane (Red & White)


13 Responses to “2 in 1: Wash ‘n’ Scrub Cloth”

  1. Donna Says:

    Well although I said I was through with washcloths, I might give this one a go. I have some left overs to use up from my previous efforts. Thank you for the freebie pattern.

  2. Janet Says:

    This looks like a great cloth. I love your purple and lime color combination. Thank you for the pattern! It’s downloaded and I’m ready to start.

  3. topperarnold Says:

    Oh the candy cane cloth is darling!

  4. kala Says:

    Great cloths! I really need to make more fun ones for the kitchen, I only have a couple of plain crocheted cloths right now.

    • klccreations Says:

      I’m glad you like them. Everyone needs a little “fun” in their kitchen. I can’t wait to see your finished cloths. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Happy knitting.

  5. Norma Wampler Says:

    This looks like a wonderful pattern. I look forward to knitting it soon. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. C Thomson Says:

    Thank so much for sharing. I am a new knitter and am learning on my own. I had become frustrated. This cloth is easy and fun to do. A good way to build by confidence.

  7. barbraabf Says:

    I like the purple colored Dishcloth..

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