This Way or That Way?

As you know, I’ve been making filet name bookmarks for my children and grandchildren for their birthdays this year.  I’ve finished two more.  May is a such a busy month!  This time I did the bookmarks a little different.  I am hoping you can read the names a little easier.  What I did was, I did the rows in the other direction.  Can you tell?  I need some input.  Which way is it easier to read them?  Any ideas as to why they are hard to read?  They seem to be easier to read in the photos than the actual bookmark.  Go figure. 

Scott’s bookmark was on #3 thread in a navy/light blue mix with a #2 crochet hook.  Melissa’s was done in South Maid Irish blue, #10 bedspread weight 100% cotton.

Scott - #3 weight, 100% cotton in a Navy/lt. blue mix

Melissa - #10 bedspread weight 100% cotton in Irish Blue


8 Responses to “This Way or That Way?”

  1. Vivianne Says:

    I also think Scott’s is easier to read than Melissa’s because it is a dark color against a light background 🙂

  2. Wanda Brown Says:

    I think Scott is easier t read. Not sure if it is the size of the yarn or the color. May be both.

  3. klccreations Says:

    Thanks Wanda & Vivianne. I was wondering if you saw any difference between those two and Tristan’s and Meghan’s. Theirs were done in the other direction. Just wondering. Thanks for reading and commenting on my posts.

  4. topperarnold Says:

    I think these two are easier to read and of these two Scott is the easiest. Maybe the color?

    • klccreations Says:

      Thanks Sara, I kinda thought so too. And yes, I think it might be the darker color is easier to read also. Thanks again for taking time to comment and read my posts.

  5. knitsamadworld Says:

    I think whatever you did this time is better, I didn’t even realise there was a name on the previous one!!

  6. tishka Says:

    Scott is the easier to read of the two. I love the idea of name lace bookmarks!

    • klccreations Says:

      Thanks Tishka, I think the kids are enjoying getting them. Meghan just got hers and her mom couldn’t see her name, but Meghan saw it right away. Thanks for taking time to comment and for reading my blog.

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