Eastern Bluebird

It is so much fun to see nature in our yard.  I’ve posted about the deer.  They are plentiful in the area, but a very rare site for our yard!  And, you’ve seen the sandhill cranes, a sight we see and hear quite often. 

Birds are everywhere, but when I see a unusual one for our area I get excited.  I took this picture of an Eastern Bluebird yesterday.  The first one I’ve ever seen in our yard.  He was all alone.  No mate.  You can tell it is a male because he has such a beautiful bright blue color.  It is a little early for him to come around.  These birds are summer birds and the weather has been unseasonably cold.  Yesterday was no exception.  It was very cold and rained all day.  I was lucky to get this photo.  It was through the glass doorwall to our deck.  Sorry, it was the best I could do.  He flew off.  I hope he comes back with a mate and maybe some babies.  Wishful thinking.


2 Responses to “Eastern Bluebird”

  1. topperarnold Says:

    Wow! What a bright blue!

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