Knitter’s and their Pets

Princess Patty Pepper








Little Lady Buttercup

 Why is it knitter’s often choose a pet that has similar tastes in hobbies?  You know that can only mean trouble.  I’m talking about cats.  There are so many different companionable pets out there; dogs, birds, fish, reptiles, hamsters, you name them.  But no, knitter’s find themselves with another yarn lover in their home, a cat.   

Why?  Oh why, would we want to have a pet that we know will only cause trouble?  Have we lost that many marbles?  Clearly we knitter’s (and crocheter’s) are not rational thinkers.  That can be the only reason I can think of.   

In our home we have two dogs; a cocker spaniel, Little Lady Buttercup and a pug, Princess Patty Pepper.  Both are sweet, loving pets that provide us with all entertainment and love we could ever need or want.  They love to be petted and played with.  They follow you around the house and bark when someone comes in the yard.  They love to go for walks and rides in the car.  They love to cuddle with you while you are sitting and sleep on your bed at night.  Isn’t that enough? I would think so.    

But no, we have to add not one, not two, but three cats to the mix!  Yes, I said three.  Mind you, I did not go out looking to add more pets to our tribe.  I did not want any pets in this house to begin with!  But, just like kids and grandkids, they multiply.    

Daisy was first to come live with us.  She is a fat persnickety calico who has a mind of her own.  We adopted her as a kitten.  She lived outside – a homeless stray.  Who could say no?   Now she is fat and sassy.  She will let you touch her when she feels like it and only then.  She hates to be picked up.  If you have people over she is nowhere to be found.  But when she feels like it, she is as loving as can be.  She pushes herself onto your lap and won’t get down for anything.  Her favorite place to sit is on the chair at my sewing machine.  If I try to move her off she cries out loudly telling me to forget it.  I push her off, she jumps back up.  We keep this up until I give up and have to share the chair with her by sitting on the edge of the seat.  Who said she isn’t spoiled!   

Next came Prunella, an all black skinny cat.  Prunella adopted us.  It was a cold winter and she was a very tiny kitten.  She must have known we were suckers because one day she walked into our home right along with the dogs and never left.  She and the pug are best friends.  They are always together.  They wrestle and play and sleep curled up together.  Pru is my favorite and I think she knows it.  She still likes to go outside and sometimes she is away overnight, but she always comes home.  She loves to bring back presents for us.  There have been a various assortment of gifts – mice, birds, and rabbits.   She gets upset when we won’t let her bring her finds into the house.    

Along came Fiona, a beautiful striped tabby.  She is Pru’s baby.  A kitten had kittens.  You never know what you’ll get when you adopt.  We now have all of the animals fixed.  No more babies.  Fio has won my heart, but she is also the trouble maker of the bunch.  Fio can smell chap stick a mile away.  Leave it anywhere and she will find it and take it.  I’d love to see her stash.  She also is a yarn thief.  I think she takes it just to annoy me. I’ve had to put all my yarn in plastic bins because any skeins left out are fair game for her.  If I leave my skeins downstairs, she brings them up. If I’m working upstairs, she takes the yarn downstairs.  I think I have all the yarn put away and she manages to find them.  She even takes the tomato pin holder off my sewing table.  Not only do we have to baby proof our home, we now have to Fiona proof it.  How can such a sweet innocent little baby be so much trouble.  She has earned the nick-name “little shit” and wears it proudly.   

Even though all of the animals are so different in personalities they all get along.  They play, sleep and eat together.  They also fight over who is going to sit with me while I’m knitting.  Pepper pushes her way up to get as close to me as she can.  Then I will end up with Pru and Fio a little further down.  Lady sits on my feet or as close to the chair as she can get.  All the while I am still trying to knit.  Daisy is a loner.  She likes to sit with me when the others are not around.    

It sure would be easier to knit without my helpers, but not near as interesting.  I guess I’ll keep them.  But, please don’t send anymore my way!  I’ve got enough.  

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6 Responses to “Knitter’s and their Pets”

  1. Wanda Says:

    I love your posts! They are so close to home. Now, of course I have to tell you about my pets. At one time I had 4 dogs and one was also a pug. All black named Charlie. But now we have 4 cats and one dog, a golden retiever, named Jasmine. Best dog we have had in a long time. Like your dogs, she loves attention.

    Now, the CATS. We have 4. All inside cats. The first, Reese was brought to me by my son and his girlfriend. A red tabby, always slept on my side when I went to bed. He got out ans was out fo 4 dyas through rain and thunder showers. When he cam home he would not leave my side, always with me. T

    Then came Lacey from the shelter. She is all black with med. length hair. I went to the shelter to get a different one but she just would not leave me alone and the other cat could have cared less if I was even there.

    Molly is my Maine Coon cat ( I mean if you live in Maine and you have four cats one needs to be a Maine Coon). She lived with a frien of mine but was not taken care of. She had kittiens way to young and to often. You know how Maine Coons are so big, well she is not. Maybe she was the runt, I blame it on having to grow up to fast. She is tabby colored also with black and tan mostly.

    Now we come to Midnight. She was given to me by my youngest son for my birthday. How can you say, “No, we have enough.” when it’s a gift from your child. She is also a med. haired cat and also all black hence the name. She is the only one not fixed at the monent. She got out last time she was in heat and we are just plain lucky all our neighbors are responsible and have their cats fixed. No kittens!

    Sorry I have managed to talk your ear off again

    • klccreations Says:

      Hi Wanda, You didn’t talk my ear off. We could talk about our pets forever! I’d never heard of a “Main Coon cat” before. Sometimes runts turn out to be the cutest and nicest pets.

      Your shelter story sounds familiar. When my son was growing up, he brought home a hurt bird. I told him to take it to the vet, so he road his bike to the vet. Only one problem, he came home with a kitten. He said it needed a home. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  2. Janet Says:

    Great post! You have quite a collection of personalities 🙂
    The lovely Prunella looks just like a cat my mom had. Her name was Joey and when she came to live with us, Sydney (our mostly border collie) tried to her best to “herd” the cat around the house. Joey was so annoyed, but never struck out at the dog. Sydney isn’t much interested in the knitting — unless I’m knitting a toy for her 🙂

    • klccreations Says:

      Thanks Janet, Yes, they sure are all different aren’t they. It is funny that the dogs do try to mother the kittens. I love collies. Sweet dogs. As for toys, Fio has a very tiny square pillow that is her favorite toy. She will bring it to you and play fetch with you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. topperarnold Says:

    Love this post! You can never go wrong with animal pictures 🙂
    I’ve got four and they are all lazy abouts. They don’t give me too much trouble when I knit.

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