7 Months Until Christmas!

Lately I’ve been in a dream world.  I’ve been dreaming about yarn and patterns and projects, mostly for myself.  Now it is time to settle down and decide what I am going to do about Christmas!  I know, Christmas isn’t for another seven months, but I’ve got too many gifts to have completed by then.  I must think about it now.  Last year by this time I was 1/3 rd of the way done.  I haven’t even started on Christmas this year. 

I usually have a theme going so that no one feels like someone else got more than they did.  Not that my family would feel that way.  No, not at all.  LOL.  I think I need to decide what this years theme will be.  It will not be hats and scarves!  Even though I love to make them, I think they are tiring of them and have enough.  So, what to make?  I also cannot make more blankets or afghans, as they are overloaded with them too.  My, and they think I’m bad to buy for!

I’m thinking of the kitchen again this year for everyone but the Grandkids.  I can knit dishcloths and scrubbies, sew pot holders and mitts, then there are placemats, aprons, and more.  Everyone can always use kitchen items – I hope.

The Grandchildren are a little harder.  With such a wide range of ages and interests, it is hard to know what they will like and use.  I’ve got to give that some more thought.  They have enough tote bags and hats and scarves.  They don’t like mittens.  More contemplation is needed. 

Well, I do have seven months, what’s the rush!


One Response to “7 Months Until Christmas!”

  1. Janet Says:

    Only seven months — oh, my! 🙂 Having a theme for gifting is a great idea.

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