Track of the Cat and a Little Extra

I hope everyone had an enjoyable week-end.  We certainly had pleasant weather!  That always is a plus.  I did get to shop, read, knit, and eat very well all three days.  I love summer with not only the warmer weather, sunshine,  and fresh air but also the  fresh fruit and vegetables.   And, we can now wear white.  That’s for us old folks who were always taught – no white before before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  Silly rules, I know, but I can’t get my mom’s teachings out of my head. 

As I was perusing my favorite “to die for” web site Stop, You’re Killing Me!, looking for a good mystery book, I came across the author Nevada Barr.  Nevada worked as a seasonal park ranger and then as a permanent park ranger for the National Park Services.  This experience inspired her to write the Anna Pigeon series, about a female park ranger for the National Park Services.

Her first book in the Anna Pigeon series, Track of the Cat, written in 1993, received both the Agatha and Anthony awards for best 1st novel and was a finalist for the Macavity award for 1st novel.  The book is set in West Texas in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

After reading this book, I understand why it received so many awards. It was well written and very interesting.  It is definitely a “didn’t see that one coming” ending.  I am anxiously awaiting book #2 in the series A Superior Death, which is set on Isle Royale National Park in upper Michigan. 

I had my husband stop at the library on his way home to get the next few books in the series for me.  As he was checking them out, he went to give the librarian my card number and she said “that’s ok, I already know it”.  I guess I send him so often the librarians not only know him, but they know me  and my number.  ♥


2 Responses to “Track of the Cat and a Little Extra”

  1. Janet Says:

    This sounds like an interesting book, and I love series. I’m looking forward to getting to know my library better this summer.

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