A Superior Death

I finished the 2nd book in Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon series and it was as good as the first.  The book, A Superior Death, refers to Lake Superior, which is the northern most lake of the Great Lakes surrounding the state of Michigan.  This book was written in 1994.  

Anna Pigeon is a National Park Ranger whose assignment in this book is Michigan’s Isle Royale National Park.  The island is a wilderness area made up of many islands both above and below water level.  It is also very close to the Canadian border and to the state of Minnesota.  The only way to the island is by boat.  There are no cars on the island.  It is truly a beautiful primitive area for hikers and backpack campers.  Divers also enjoy this area because of the underwater islands and the old shipwrecks. 

Isle Royale National Park was the author’s 1st duty station as a seasonal law enforcement ranger.  As someone very familiar with the area, Nevada Barr is able to write with more insight than most.  I enjoyed seeing this beautiful area through her eyes and reading a good mystery that had you thinking you knew who but didn’t know why with all the twists in between.


One Response to “A Superior Death”

  1. Janet Says:

    Another author to add to my summer reading list. Thanks for the review.

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