Summer Flower Handbag

How do you like my new flower handbag?  I wanted something big enough to carry a book or project along with a few necessities and also small enough that i didn’t feel like I was taking along the kitchen sink. 

After looking through my stash, I found the flower material.  Just one small problem, it was only a fat quarter with a hunk taken out.  Determined to use this material I located other material in my stash that coordinated with it and sat down to design my perfect handbag.  My finished bag measures 14″w (across the top) x 10″h x 4″d x 11″w (at the bottom).  The handles are 20″ long.  I also placed pockets around the inside of the bag for pens, pencils, emery board, cell phone, measuring tape, etc.  For the bottom, I covered a piece of plastic canvas for stability.  I used a medium weight interfacing to add a little more body to the bag.

I am quite pleased with my end results.  I would have liked to use a heavier interfacing, but I used the last of what I had on the cat bag.  I guess it is time to go shopping!  


6 Responses to “Summer Flower Handbag”

  1. Vivianne Says:

    Now I want to see some sparkly bits attached to this 🙂

  2. Janet Says:

    Another great bag! The fabric and colors are so bright and cheerful.

  3. Wanda Says:

    Very cute! I wish I had you talent to just got and make something out of nothing. I need a pattern whether it is knitted or sawn. Maybe someday…..

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