Ill Wind

Ill Wind by Nevada Barr.  This is the third book in the Anna Pigeon series.  This book takes place in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.  This area was home to the ancient Native North American Indian tribe known as the Anasazi people.  If you have read my previous posts on this series, you know that Anna Pigeon is a National Park Ranger. 

The book is filled with mystery surrounding the sudden increased number of park visitors becoming ill, and also results in a few deaths.  The park is also having a water line put in, which is not a popular move to some, especially the parks archeologist due to the contractors disregard for the areas buried Anasazi artifacts. 

 Just when you are thinking you have it all figured out, wham, a twist or turn and you are rethinking your previous thoughts.  Nevada Barr has me hooked til the end!


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