Flannel Burp Cloth Tutorial

One of my favorite gifts to give new moms are burp cloths.  Handmade burp cloths are so much nicer and cuter than the ones you can buy in the store.  They are also a practical and very appreciated gift to give.  Burp cloths are also not that difficult to make and can be personalized in many ways.  I put together a tutorial on how I make mine.  Enjoy! 

Flannel Burp Cloth Tutorial   

Note:  This is a word document and it seems to take a long time to open.  Please be patient.  Thanks.


6 Responses to “Flannel Burp Cloth Tutorial”

  1. Wanda Says:

    I’m sorry but it will not open for me. I tried, saved it to my desk top and tried to open it but it comes up that it can not be opened. I also tried to open it from the email and the same thing comes up.
    I almost bought, (got to the check out with before I changed my mind) a fat quarter of flannel. It had 5 pieces in it for I think $7.99. I need it for a boy and no boy pieces by the yard. Maybe it I go to JoAnn’s I would have better luck.
    Anyways, if you could send the tutorial to my email then I could print it off and save it that way. If not, then don’t worry about it, I’ll get someone to help me here at home. BTY, they are very cute!

  2. Trail's Crafts Says:

    Cute burp cloths, and definitely a great gift idea.

  3. Janet Says:

    These are so cute. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  4. klccreations Says:

    Thanks Trail’s Crafts and Janet. I’m glad you like them. Thanks for commenting.

  5. barbraabf Says:

    Burp cloths are probably one of the most useful cleanup tools for babies…Nice tutorial…

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