Learning to Sew

A while back I bought a sewing book for my granddaughter at the libraries book sale.   The book looked like it had never been used.  I wasn’t sure how much use she would get out of it, as her mom does not have a sewing machine, nor do they live close enough to me for periodic sewing times together.  I gave it to her anyway hoping to inspire the desire of learning to sew.  It worked. 

She brought the book with her to learn while staying with us this trip.  Yesterday she and I spent the day in my new sewing room making a pillow.  I am so proud of her.  She made the pillow herself.  She even drew the heart and decided how big the pillow was to be (with my help).  I’m not sure how much she will remember from this sewing session to the next, but it is a start.  When she went to bed she was still thinking of sewing and said she wants to make something else tomorrow.  Twelve seems to be a good age for learning.   The pillow is a gift for her Aunt’s birthday.  She desided on using some leftover material from a curtain I had made for her Aunt and some deep burgandy material from my stash that goes well with her Aunt’s bedroom.  You couldn’t ask for a better present!

The book is called Sew It Up! and it has nice colorful pictures of different easy project for a beginner.  There is also a CD in the back of the book that has the patterns to print out, which we did not use.


6 Responses to “Learning to Sew”

  1. Vivianne Says:

    Thats a really thoughtful gift – both yours, and your grand-daughter’s 🙂

    • klccreations Says:

      Hi Vivianne, Thank you. My daughter was delighted by her gift. It really means a lot to her. She couldn’t wait until her birthday to give it to her. She just had to give it to her as soon as she saw her.

  2. Sara Says:

    She did a great job!

  3. Wanda Says:

    What a great job! I’m sure her aunt will be thrilled!

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