Medium Sized – Colorful Butterfly Tote

I guess you could say I’ve been in a sewing mood lately.  I love my new sewing room.  It may be a smaller area than I had before, but it is much lighter, brighter and definitely a more inviting area for sewing.  I know I promised pictures, but I’m not finished organizing and fixing it up yet.  Soon, very soon you will get to see my place for creating.

Meanwhile, I made another medium-sized tote bag.  This time I used a remnant of colorful butterflies.  Very pretty material and it turned out perfect.  I love the size.  It is perfect for just about everything.  This size can be used as a hand bag, book bag, shopping bag, project bag or any other type you can think of. 

 If you are interested in making it for yourself, I cut 2 – 13″ x 18″pieces of material for the front and back, an 8″ x 18″ piece for the bottom.  My handles are 5″ x 22″ folded lengthwise on both sides  to the center, then folded in half.  A second bag is made exactly the same for the lining with pockets cut (2 pieces of material for each side) 18″ x 6″deep.  I used a heavy craft interfacing for the bottom (on only one piece), and a medium weight interfacing cut 1″ wide on the handles and I cut 2 – 5 1/2″ x 18″ pieces for the pockets. As usual, if you have any questions please ask.


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