Hard Truth

Number 13 in the Anna Pigeon series by Nevada Barr is Hard Truth, set in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park where Anna Pigeon is now the district ranger.  This book deals with religious cults, missing children and its challenges.

This book was very hard to read in a couple of ways.  The subject matter for me is a hard one.  This book is also very descriptive and disturbing.  Something I do not like.  I do not watch scary movies either.  But I also could not put the book down.  I wanted to know there was a fairy tale ending.  I guess you’ll just have to read the book to find out if there was.  Sorry – I’m not spoiling it for you.


Sewing Edges & Corners

While in the library I picked up the book Sewing Edges & Corners by Linda Lee.  It is a smaller book (6″ x 9″) with a spiral binding (which I love!).  The book has beautiful color pictures (another plus) and excellent illustrated directions. 

A few of the topics covered are:  corners, piping, cording, tubing, flanges, bands, bindings, hems, and edges.  Each topic has many sub-topics included.  For example, under corners, the book covers knife-edge, box, mitered, Turkish, tassels-in-piping and knotted. 

The link I provided you with is a book review showing many of the actual pages within the book.  It is an excellent resource book I would love to have in my home library.

Summer Shopping Totes

Large Size Summer Shopping Tote

Small Size Summer Shopping Tote

I’m still in a bag mood.  It is so much nicer to shop with your own bags.  No worry about the bag splitting or breaking and all of you items falling out and rolling all over.  And just think, you are helping to save the environment when you bring your own bags.  Besides, they are so festive and cute!  Conversation starters for sure.  

I thought I’d make a couple of unlined lightweight bags that fold up nice and small for shopping.  I completed two bags; a large size and small size.  Both turned out perfect and they came in handy that same day for our trip to town.  

I made sure to double stitch and use a serging (overcast) stitch along the seams for extra strength.  The material is a polyester/cotton mix.  It is the same material as the apron I completed last week.  I also used some hot pink and bright yellow I had on hand.  

Finished measurements for the large tote is 19″w x 15″h x 4″d.  The small tote is 11″w x 9″h x 3″d.

Klepto Kitten

Missing:  1 sewing machine lint brush.

Accused:  1 adorable grey striped tabby kitten named Fiona

Why are you looking at Me?

Do not let her sweet face and charming nature fool you.  She is a convicted felon with a previous record.  This sweet baby has the nose of a blood hound and can sniff out anything.  She is sneeky and knows when it is safe to lift your property without getting caught.  She loves chapstick, lint brushes, sewing pincushion tomatoes with needles in them, and cough drops, she also loves to chew on cords.  Cell phone and computer cords are her favorite.

I forgot to shut the door to my sewing room.  Now I can’t find my lint brush.  No, I did not see her take it.  But, who else would have taken it?  It didn’t just get up and walk away on it’s own!  This is not the first time this has happened.  I have even tried to hide the brush under my scissors and other sewing items.  She digs it out and takes it.  Why that brush I don’t know.  It is funny, but frustrating at the same time.  This is a brand new brush!  I just replaced the old brush.  I know they are not expensive, but I just bought it!  I just want it back.

More of Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon Series

I finished two more books in Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon series this week, Flashback and High Country.  Both books were very good. 

Flashback is set in Florida’s Dry Tortungas National Park.  This park is a group of tiny island off Key West.  It is a remote area with few visitors, but much history.  This book more or less tells two stories, present day and the Civil War period when the park served as a prison.

High Country is set out west in the Sierra Mountain’s Yosemite National Park where Anna goes undercover as a waitress to find out what is going on and why four young people who work at the park as seasonal employees have disappeared.

Both are good reads.  I will hate to see this series come to an end. 

Summer Apron

This summer orange/lemon/lime material was calling me so I decided to make an apron.  I didn’t have a pattern and so it is a plan as you go type of a project.  The fit is perfect!  Although if I make another one I would like to make a couple of adjustments – just tweak it a little.

The main piece of pattern material I cut at 21″ and trimmed it up to 44″.  I hemmed the sides and the bottom.  I then gathered the top.  Next time I will see if I can use a smaller piece of material for this section.  It is cute, but if I want to make a few more aprons, it would become too costly.

The bib section is made from a 13″ x 22″ piece of material folded in half, seamed up the sides and turned right side out.  This bib fits nicely and covers up areas that are likely to get splashed on.  I could cut 1″ off both ways if I needed too (12″ x 21″). 

For my neck tie I would not change a thing.  It is a 5″ x 22″ piece of matching green material with the sided folded to the center and then folded in half.  I sewed both ends down.  It fits perfectly over the head and still allows the apron to lay properly. 

The waistband is  an 8 1/2″ x 27″ piece of material with the sides folded in for a nice edge and then folded the same way as the neck tie and placed over the gathered edge on each side and stitched down, leaving the ends open to slip in the ties.  I’m considered other options for this.  Maybe a narrower waistband or done differently.  I’m still not sure.

The ties at the waist are 2 – 5″ x 44″ pieces of material folded again like the neck strap.  I will cut these 4″ wide next time (save 1″ total of material).

Again, I am pleased with how it turned out, I am just looking to make it a little better and with a little less material.  I think this would be a nice gift to give, don’t you.


Everyone carries tissue in their handbags (I hope).  I mean it’s better than putting them in your bra like my Grandma used to do or the waist band of your pants or under your watch band.  Or, not having any tissues at all!  I just thought it would be nice to have mine in a holder that matches my tote.  Then I thought why not make a few of them.  So . . . here are a few that I made.  I’m sure I’m going to be making more.

Tissue cozies are so easy to make and such a cute addition to my handbag – Don’t you think!?