I’m Back from Vacation!

Back from vacation!  We had a nice time even though the weather was hot – 100+ all week.  It’s better than rain all week!  It is always nice to go on vacation, but it is so nice to be home and sleep in my own bed.  I missed my “helpers” too.  We didn’t take them with us. 

I tried to teach the girls how to knit while we were in the car.  They can now cast on beautifully.  It’s a start.  Neither of them have figured out how to hold the needles and the yarn and manage to come up with a knit stitch.  We will keep trying.  Hopefully they will catch on. 

My knitting for the week consisted of making a few dishcloths while in the car.  Just something easy to do while I was trying to teach the girls how to knit.  I didn’t take any pictures. 

I finished only three books last week.  I was busy with family and I only brought three books to read.  I’m still reading Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon Series.   I read Deep South, Blood Lure and Hunting Season.  All three were very good.  I love the fact that she writes books that you think you know the answers to and don’t.  And then you think “duh! that makes sense, how come I didn’t figure it out?”  She also is able to keep the series fresh by writing about different National Parks with different characters.  If you like to read mystery books and haven’t tried Nevada Barr’s, I would recommend the series.  I am enjoying them.



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