Geometric Fish Tote

Another fun summer tote.  This time I used a blue and green geometric fish print.  I lined it with a matching green and used the same print for pockets all around.  I love the orange multi print handles.  The bottom is a green multi print.  The pattern is the same as my other medium-sized totes. 

I also made a small patchwork holder with a velcro closure for money, coupons or receipts.


2 Responses to “Geometric Fish Tote”

  1. Janet Says:

    Ooohh. I love that fabric … the colors, the pattern. And your accent fabrics are a great match. Do you have something in the bottom to hold the shape?

  2. klccreations Says:

    Hi Janet, Thanks. Yes, I do. I add a piece of heavy innerfacing or stablizer to either the main fabric bottom or the lining bottom. I also use a light or medium weight strip in the handles and the pockets to help them hold their shape. If the main fabric is unusually thin I will add a light weight innterfacing to that also. Thanks again.

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