Summer Apron

This summer orange/lemon/lime material was calling me so I decided to make an apron.  I didn’t have a pattern and so it is a plan as you go type of a project.  The fit is perfect!  Although if I make another one I would like to make a couple of adjustments – just tweak it a little.

The main piece of pattern material I cut at 21″ and trimmed it up to 44″.  I hemmed the sides and the bottom.  I then gathered the top.  Next time I will see if I can use a smaller piece of material for this section.  It is cute, but if I want to make a few more aprons, it would become too costly.

The bib section is made from a 13″ x 22″ piece of material folded in half, seamed up the sides and turned right side out.  This bib fits nicely and covers up areas that are likely to get splashed on.  I could cut 1″ off both ways if I needed too (12″ x 21″). 

For my neck tie I would not change a thing.  It is a 5″ x 22″ piece of matching green material with the sided folded to the center and then folded in half.  I sewed both ends down.  It fits perfectly over the head and still allows the apron to lay properly. 

The waistband is  an 8 1/2″ x 27″ piece of material with the sides folded in for a nice edge and then folded the same way as the neck tie and placed over the gathered edge on each side and stitched down, leaving the ends open to slip in the ties.  I’m considered other options for this.  Maybe a narrower waistband or done differently.  I’m still not sure.

The ties at the waist are 2 – 5″ x 44″ pieces of material folded again like the neck strap.  I will cut these 4″ wide next time (save 1″ total of material).

Again, I am pleased with how it turned out, I am just looking to make it a little better and with a little less material.  I think this would be a nice gift to give, don’t you.


2 Responses to “Summer Apron”

  1. Janet Says:

    Very cute — bright colors and the perfect fabric. You’ve done a lovely job.

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