Summer Shopping Totes

Large Size Summer Shopping Tote

Small Size Summer Shopping Tote

I’m still in a bag mood.  It is so much nicer to shop with your own bags.  No worry about the bag splitting or breaking and all of you items falling out and rolling all over.  And just think, you are helping to save the environment when you bring your own bags.  Besides, they are so festive and cute!  Conversation starters for sure.  

I thought I’d make a couple of unlined lightweight bags that fold up nice and small for shopping.  I completed two bags; a large size and small size.  Both turned out perfect and they came in handy that same day for our trip to town.  

I made sure to double stitch and use a serging (overcast) stitch along the seams for extra strength.  The material is a polyester/cotton mix.  It is the same material as the apron I completed last week.  I also used some hot pink and bright yellow I had on hand.  

Finished measurements for the large tote is 19″w x 15″h x 4″d.  The small tote is 11″w x 9″h x 3″d.


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