Double Exposure

Another Bert and Nan Tautm Mystery by Barbara Taylor Mcafferty and Beverly Taylor Herald is Double Exposure.  I find myself reading this series out of order, which is something I prefer not to do, but I am reading the books in the order in which my library has secured them from other libraries for me.  I am so greatful for this service.

The authors, Barbara and Beverly, are twins who write about twins.  Characters, Bert and Nan Tatum, are mirror twins who were named after the Bobbsey twins.  In this book one of the twins finds themself dating a suspected murderer, who is also an identical twin himself.  The elderly lady who introduced him to her is found dead, murdered.  Could she be next?


Mistletoe Murder

Mistletoe Murder, which was first published as Mail-Order Murders, is author Leslie Meier’s 1st book in her Lucy Stone Series.  Lucy is a wife and mom of three living in a small town in Maine.  

In this book she is busy getting ready for Christmas; shopping, knitting, sewing, cooking and so on.  She also works nights at the large mail order company Country Cousins where on her break she decides to step outside for some fresh air and discovers the company owner in his car dead.  Never one to leave things alone, Lucy wants answers.  Was it suicide or murder and why? 

This is a cozy mystery worth reading.

Back to School Murder

Each of the books in Leslie Meier’s Lucy Stone Mystery series are as just as good as the last.  I just finished reading Back to School Murder, which is quite appropriate for this time of year.  On the 1st day of school a bomb is found inside the building and all the students are evacuated.  While everyone is standing outside waiting to see what will happen next someone realizes a student is missing.  The new assistant principal rushes back in and rescues a boy who with special needs who was left behind.  How could a child be left behind and who planted the bomb are only a couple of the questions and problems facing the school and the community.

What I really like about these cozy mysteries is that each book is just as good as the last.  The characters are so real and easy to identify with.

Bandana Boys ~ #2

I enjoy making quick simple projects.  Previously I made my favorite k-9 boys matching bandanas from 100% cotton material that was blue with small white paw prints on it.  This time I decided to use some black and white checked 100% cotton flannel material.  For our big boy, KC, I cut a 20″ square and for our little guy, Rico, I cut a 14″ square.  I did not cut these squares into two bandanas, but instead I folded them in half diagonally and made them reversible.  I add velcro to the ends.  A perfect fit and easy to put on and take off. 

My helpers didn’t want to be left out so they decided to model the bandanas also.  They wanted you to get visual as to what the bandanas would look like if you had a male dog like them.

Trick or Treat Murder

I know it isn’t Halloween yet, but I just finished reading book #3 of Leslie Meier’s Lucy Stone Mystery Series called Trick or Treat Murder.  The small historic town in Maine in which Lucy lives has been having a number of unexplained fires, which are thought to be the result of an arsonist.  A woman Lucy knew and liked died in one of those fires.  Lucy wants to figure out who is responsible for starting these fires before someone else is found dead or injured.

Lucy is also involved in helping plan a Halloween party for all of the town’s children in an effort to keep them safe and still have a fun night.  And, if that is not enough, Lucy finds herself feeling responsible for helping an old woman who was once the towns librarian deal with some of the pitfalls of aging. 

I know you’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again anyway.  I like these “cozy mysteries” and can’t wait to read the next.

Cancer – Chemo and Head Coverings ~ Part 2

As you know, I was asked to make a youthful looking head covering, appropriate in summer weather, for my daughter’s friend who is going through chemotherapy and is experiencing one of the side effects from it, hair loss.  After an exhaustive internet search I found many sites that sold head coverings devoted to those suffering from hair loss, but very little in the way of patterns, either for sale or free.  This surprised and saddened me.  I would have thought there would be an abundance of help for this group of women.  

Not to be detered, my daughter and I went shopping for material for a head scarf and found some very pretty 100% cotton batik that we felt was perfect for her.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple and the material is a little of both.  We purchased 1 yard of the material, enough to make 2 scarves.

After washing, drying and ironing the material, I cut the material into a 35″ square.  Even though 1 yard = 36″ I did not have 36″ left after washing, drying and cutting off the selvage.  I folding the square into a triangle and tried it out like that.  It seemed to be too bulky.  There was too much material in the tie itself.  So I cut the square into 2 triangles and hemmed the sides.  This works up much nicer.  The finished triangle is 49″x33″x33″. 

The bandana is large enough to cover all of her head and long enough to tie into a fashionable head covering.  A successful finish in our quest to show someone we care.

Tippy Toe Murder

I was able to obtain book #2 from my library, but still haven’t gotten to read #1 in Leslie Meier’s  Lucy Stone Mystery Series.  Book #2, Tippy Toe Murder, refers to little ballerinas.  This is another well written and very interesting book I thoroughly enjoyed reading. 

In this book we have a missing old woman, who at one time taught ballet and was dearly loved by all of her students.  We also have a mean and stingy old man who ends up murdered in his hardware store.  Lucy, who is very pregnant with her 4th child, finds herself right in the middle of everything.  Where else would she be?  I’d love to tell you more, but I would hate to give anything away.  Read this enjoyable cozy mystery and find out all about Lucy’s little town in Maine.