Bandana Boys

Dog sat this week-end for my two favorite “boys”.  What fun.  I decided to make them new bandanas.  I had some dark blue fabric with white paw prints on it that I thought would work perfectly.  I wanted to make the bandanas reversible.  The only other material I had enough of in my stash for both bandanas to use for the other side was white.  So that’s what I used. 

For Rico, the little guy, I cut two 14″ squares diagonally, stitched right sides together and turned right side out.  After ironing it, I added a small piece of velcro a couple inches from the ends.  That way you just tie it around once and velcro it together.  No heavy knot on the little guy.

KC, my big boy, needed two 22″ squares cut diagonally.  I did not use velcro on his.  No reason why not, just didn’t. 

Don’t they look handsome.


One Response to “Bandana Boys”

  1. Sara Says:

    They look so proud of their new bandanas!

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