Pepper’s Scarf and Leg Warmers

I did make Pepper her scarf and set of leg warmers.  I used flannel remnants in pink with stars and moons.  The flannel worked up nicely and it was not as bulky as the fleece I used to make Lady’s.  I also made Pepper’s scarf slightly shorter (2″) and a I cut the width 1/2″ wider than Lady’s.  For her leg warmers, I cut them 1″ shorter but kept the same diameter.  I think they fit her quite well, but I could cut the diameter down also and it would still look nice.

I embellished Pepper’s with some narrow white and yellow ribbon I had on hand. 

I do have to laugh at the differences between the two dogs.  Lady is a true lady and loves to get dressed up.  She struts about with her head held high like “look at me”.  Where as Pepper is our little tom-boy and hates to wear anything.  She even hates to have her harness put on for walks, although she wouldn’t think of being left behind!


3 Responses to “Pepper’s Scarf and Leg Warmers”

  1. Janet Says:

    Pepper looks quite pretty in pink!

  2. klccreations Says:

    Thanks Janet and Sara.

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