Pepper in Green

I’ve been experimenting.  I want to make some easy to put on and take off dog clothes. I’ve knit plenty of sweaters, which look beautiful on my helpers and my boys.  But, as many of you know, some dogs (Patty Pepper for one) hate to sit still and get dressed.   Pepper is a Pug who likes to snuggle in and be warm.  She shivers when she goes outside.  But dressing her can be a hassle.  I also don’t want her to stay in wet clothes when she comes back in from the rain or snow.  I just want something a little easier and faster to make and that is quick to put on and to take off.

I decided to use some fleece remnants.  I didn’t want to use my good material if my creations didn’t turn out.  Fleece also doesn’t have to be lined.   I bought a few McCall’s dog patterns when Joann’s had their sale, but none of the patterns I bought seemed easy enough for me at this time.  I’m still not up to par.  I’m thinking of all these things I want to do and make, but my energy level is low.  I can’t wait to be over this crap!  Anyway, I decided on a piece of green fleece. 

The pattern I used is an archived one I found on the internet from Circle of Crafters.  The link was broken and I had to use the help of  the  (wayback logo)to find it.   But that’s another story.  Anyway – this is the pattern I used as a guide.  I enlarged the pattern on my computer and then put a piece of tissue paper over the computer and traced the pattern off the computer.  (So much easier than trying to use graft paper to enlarge a pattern!).  I also need to lengthen the back of the pattern to fit my pug.

My finished results fit perfectly.  The Velcro makes it easy to put on and slip off.  The green was a little too plain so I added a simple white fleece strip to the neck.  I think it is nice the way it is, but it would also look great with some embelishment on the back.  I’ll have to give it some thought.  Another day, another topic.


2 Responses to “Pepper in Green”

  1. pixelknit Says:

    Very cute! Looks warm and comfortable. Pepper is a sweet model. Sydney feels the same way about sweaters — doesn’t mind wearing them too much, but does mind quite a lot when it comes to putting them on. Velcro is perfect!

  2. Asprag Says:

    Great looking pup warmer! Thx for sharing and tracking down the archived pattern 😉

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