St. Patrick’s Day Murder

I have been enjoying relaxing with some good books this summer.  When you are not quite up to par and the weather is perfect for sitting outside, there is nothing better than engrossing yourself in a good book.  Yesterday it was #14 of Leslie Meier’s Lucy Stone Mysteries, the St. Patrick’s Day Murder. 

As a reporter for a weekly small town newspaper in Maine, Lucy Stone seems to always find herself in the middle of something.  This time the owner of a run down pub on the waterfront is found dead, and even worse, headless.  Lucy is at the waterfront when the body is found.  She is also on the scene when the dead man’s brother shows up with his wife and daughter from Ireland to direct a play the local Catholic church is going to put on. 

I really enjoy Leslie Meier’s style of writing.  Her characters are fun, real and interesting.  I can’t wait to read more of her work. 

This book (and the others in the series) is considered to be a “cozy mystery”.  I had no clue what a cozy mystery was.  I had read the term on the jacket cover of a few books but never gave the term a second thought.  And then yesterday my blog friend Janet, mentioned that she has also enjoyed reading a few cozy mysteries this summer.  That got me wondering what exactly was “a cozy mystery”?  Thanks to the internet I found out.  I found this very helpful site that not only explains what a cozy mystery is, but also lists more authors that fit the description.  I am adding the link to my side bar for future reference.


One Response to “St. Patrick’s Day Murder”

  1. Janet Says:

    Isn’t this a fantastic resource! I especially like that the titles are listed in order of publication, so that I can make sure I’m reading in order. So many choices … so little time 🙂

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