Cancer – Chemo and Head Coverings

Cancer is such a cruel disease.  My daughter’s friend is going through chemo and she asked me if I could make her friend something to cover her head as she is starting to lose her hair.  Of course I said I would and I started my exhaustive search for a pattern on how to make the perfect scarf/bandana/head covering for a young woman going through a very rough time.  I want to make sure the covering is not only stylish and soft but would also make her feel good about herself – put a smile on her face.

I didn’t know it would be so difficult to find something I thought would be so easy to make.  I can find plenty of sites that want to sell their scarves and make money from this group of women, but none that talk about how to make them.  I know how to make a bandana and how to sew a rectangle scarf, it’s the perfect size I’m looking for.  Or, how to make the hats that look like tied scarves. 

It is still summer and a knit hat would not only be too warm, I don’t think it is the right look for this time of year. The same goes for fleece hats – I think they would be too warm for our weather right now. I’ve heard that 100% cotton material is the best to use and that silky fabrics do not stay put.  I would think silk would tend to hold the heat too. 

I”m figuring I would need a square that is at least 30″ and preferably closer to 36″ in size to not only cover the entire head, but also give it that dressy look (not the “I’m having a bad hair day” look).  For a rectangle, I’m thinking it would need to be about 15″ wide and probably 60″ or more long to work right.

I’m going shopping tomorrow with my daughter to pick out material and I would really appreciate some feedback from you before I go.  My daughter wants something fun and special in pinks and/or purples.  The friend is only 30, so we want it youthful looking also.


3 Responses to “Cancer – Chemo and Head Coverings”

  1. lincraftmichelle Says:

    Maybe a crocheted cap? You would still get air flow through.

    Otherwise maybe a triangle with a 50cm long edge. Then you trim that bias edge with bias binding which you run on to be long enough to tie the scarf at the back of the neck and and string some beads on the tails of the binding. for a pretty trim.

    I have a tutotial on how to make continuous bias binding here:

    All the best with it.

  2. lincraftmichelle Says:

    Hope you don’t mind, but you inspired me to make a scraf. It’s bloggeed here:

    Hope your turned out well!

    • klccreations Says:

      Thank you Michelle for responding to my plea. My daughter says her friend is wearing a cute crocheted cap now, but doesn’t like the fact that you can see her balding head through it. Thank you for the binding idea. I will take a look at your tutorial. I don’t mind at all that I inspired your creativity. That is the a good thing! Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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