Cancer – Chemo and Head Coverings ~ Part 2

As you know, I was asked to make a youthful looking head covering, appropriate in summer weather, for my daughter’s friend who is going through chemotherapy and is experiencing one of the side effects from it, hair loss.  After an exhaustive internet search I found many sites that sold head coverings devoted to those suffering from hair loss, but very little in the way of patterns, either for sale or free.  This surprised and saddened me.  I would have thought there would be an abundance of help for this group of women.  

Not to be detered, my daughter and I went shopping for material for a head scarf and found some very pretty 100% cotton batik that we felt was perfect for her.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple and the material is a little of both.  We purchased 1 yard of the material, enough to make 2 scarves.

After washing, drying and ironing the material, I cut the material into a 35″ square.  Even though 1 yard = 36″ I did not have 36″ left after washing, drying and cutting off the selvage.  I folding the square into a triangle and tried it out like that.  It seemed to be too bulky.  There was too much material in the tie itself.  So I cut the square into 2 triangles and hemmed the sides.  This works up much nicer.  The finished triangle is 49″x33″x33″. 

The bandana is large enough to cover all of her head and long enough to tie into a fashionable head covering.  A successful finish in our quest to show someone we care.


One Response to “Cancer – Chemo and Head Coverings ~ Part 2”

  1. Vivianne Says:

    That is a really lovely fabric you’ve chosen.

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