Bean Bag Game

Ever since I was a kid we played the bean bag game.  My dad made the boards and my mom made the bean bags.  We camped a lot growing up and the game was easy to take along as it folded up flat.  The game is similar to horseshoes only safer for families with small children.  It’s a family game that everyone enjoys.

Nowadays you see the game all over, fancy boards with more than one hole made of all different material.  I still have the original boards my dad made 50+ years ago.  They have been repainted numerous times and new bean bags have been made more times than I can count. 

This week-end we are having a gang coming over and there have been complaints that the bags are not up to muster.  Some bags have too little beans left, etc. etc. etc.  So rather than hearing complaints that this one or that one won because they had the better bean bags, I decided to make new ones.  An easy enough project that takes very little time.  The biggest challenge is getting the beans into the bag and making sure they each have the exact same amount of beans.  Go ahead and laugh.  I use the food scale to weigh the bags.  Each bag has exactly 8 oz. of beans in it. 

Bags are finished.  House is ready.  Let’s hope for good weather!  And, let the games begin!


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