Fall 2010 Knitting Magazines

 While I was browsing through the new patterns added to Ravelry I noticed a hat.  It is a Fair Isle pattern done in different shades of blue with a touch of wine.  I’m not sure why this particular hat caught my eye, but I really like it.  I found out it was available in one of the new magazines out on the stand – Vogue’s Fall 2010 issue. I haven’t bought knitting magazines in years.  I used to subscribe to a few, but I found that they were mostly filled with ads and patterns that I wasn’t interested in, so I ended up not renewing my subscriptions.  I thought I would keep this hat and magazine in mind and the next time I was in Joann’s I’d take a look and see if the magazine was still available.

My next stop was to Joann’s for a big weekend sale.  I am busy making Christmas Gifts and I needed more yarn.  While I was walking up to the check out I noticed the magazine with the hat in it.  Then I noticed another magazine that had only accessories in it – Creative Knitting Fall 2010.  I ended up buying both magazines.  I’m not sure if I got my money’s worth, they sure have gone up in price! But, I did enjoy reading them and I found a couple of hats in the accessory one that I am considering making.


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