Hats Off

I’ve been busy creating gifts for Christmas this year.  I am a big slacker this year.  Last year I was at least halfway done by now.  This year I have barely started.  I am getting more ideas in mind and I am feeling better about my choices.  I’ll share more when I’ve completed the projects.

I have attempted a couple of failed projects.  The first was a hat from one of the magazines I purchased last week. The hat is called “Pop Corn Hat” by Scarlet Tayler.  You can find it on page 76 in the Creative Knitting Magazine.  Cute hat, fantastic yarn, ( I used Patons Decor in New Teal) but wrong needle size.  The hat turned out too big and I ended up frogging it.  I will make it again later on smaller needles. 

The second failed project was another hat from the other magazine I picked up.  This hat is in the Vogue Knitting fall 2010 .  It is a fair isle hat called London Calling.  You can find it on page 76.  This was an “I knew better and did it anyway” error.  I used worsted weight yarn when the pattern called for DK and I didn’t use the right needle size.  I love the pattern, but the problem is similar to the Olympic Reindeer hat in that the pattern is large and my girls do not like slouchy hats.  They like their hats tight-fitting without the extra height. This hat fits around, but is too long.  I may give this hat another try or modify it to fit with worsted weight yarn.  We’ll see. 

I did take pictures of both hats so that you can see what I am talking about.  Back to knitting.


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