It’s a Mystery to Me!

Many of you must be wondering why I haven’t posted about the crafts I am making at the moment.  Well, with Christmas around the corner and snoopers looking and wondering what they are going to get this year, it is not easy to keep gifts a secret.  So for me to post what I have made would be like showing an unwrapped gift and spoiling the surprise.  Sorry everyone.  You will just have to wait and see later.

What I can share are books I’ve been reading and craft books I’ve found interesting.  Since I’ve finished reading all of the available Leslie Meier books I’ve had to find a new author to hunker down with.  My two favorite sites for locating good reads are Stop, You’re killing me! and Cozy MysteryBoth are excellent sites for finding just the right mystery.

Being a Michigander born and breed I thought it would be nice to find a series written about someone from here.  I came across Deb Baker’s Yooper Series about a senor citizen sleuth from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

If you aren’t familiar with Michigan, the Upper Peninsula is a beautiful place to visit.  Woods, bears, and lakes abound.  So does the snow!  It is winter longer than many people prefer, but for skiers it is heaven.

Deb Baker was born in the UP.  Her writing style is light and fun.  When I started reading I laughed out loud and thought immediately of Janet Evanovich’s books – another author I love! 

I can’t wait to share about Deb’s Yooper Series.


Mother’s Day Murder

Two very competitive grown women with teenage daughters, who are expected to excel at everything they do, are at the center of this cozy mystery by Leslie Meier.  Lucy Stone once again finds herself in the center of a murder investigation when she and her daughter-in-law go for spa treatments that were a Mother’s Day gift from their husbands. 

In this book Lucy also finds being the mother of a high school freshman daughter, who has been asked to the prom by a senior, difficult.  This book delves on the topics of bullying, dieting, cell phones, and other teen issues. 

I have enjoyed all of Leslie Meier’s books.  She writes about issues that we can all relate to.  Each book is just as good as the last. Enjoy!

New Year’s Eve Murder

Lucy and her daughter Elizabeth are headed to New York for a fashion makeover and to hopefully win $10,000 for Elizabeth’s college tuition.  The trip turns out not to be as relaxing as Lucy had hoped.  A woman from the magazine dies and Elizabeth gets sick and ends up hospitalized.  True to Lucy’s nature she is out to solve the murder.

I truly have enjoyed each and every one of Leslie Meier’s books in the Lucy Stone series.  With only two books left to read I will be on the look out for another good series to share with you.

Star Spangled Murder

In another cozy mystery, Star Spangled Murder, #11 in the Lucy Stone Series, by Leslie Meier the town is experiencing more than their share of conflicts and Lucy Stone is in the middle of it all.  First the Stone’s dog is in trouble again for escaping his pen and killing the neighbors chickens.  His fate is now in the hands of the towns council.  And then there is the problem of the towns favorite swimming pond being taken over by nudists.  If that isn’t enough, the 4th of July fireworks and parade have been cancelled.  To top it all off, some of the fishermen believe their lobster traps are being poached.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another and Lucy Stone and her family are involved in it all. 

A good book.  A good read.  I recommend the author, the series and this book.

Turkey Day Murder

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and before you know it will be Christmas.  I’ve been busy working on my Christmas gifts.  I am so far behind.  I just need more energy. 

The library got a few more of the books I’d reserved in, so I’ve also been spending time reading.  Books are so relaxing and enjoyable.  I think I’d rather read than watch TV or see a movie.  Anyway . . . back to my book review.

Turkey Day Murder by Leslie Meier is another cozy mystery that was a quick fun read.  In number 7 of the Lucy Stone series, the town is divided over the building of a gambling casino on the property of a Metinnicut Indian activist who is found clubbed to death with an ancient war club. 

Meanwhile, Lucy is busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner for a guest list that keeps growing.  Her son comes home from college with some friends who in true teen spirit leave messes, stay up late,  and sleep in late.  Never a dull moment in Lucy’s life, her old friend asks her to look into the murder which her husband and the police make it known they want her to stay away from investigating and leave it up to the pros.  Does she listen?

Father’s Day Murder

Another cozy mystery worth the read is Father’s Day Murder by Leslie Meier.  This is book #10 in her Lucy Stone Series.   

Lucy and her boss Ted, from the Pennysaver, a weekly newspaper, head off to Boston for a newspaper conference.  Lucy is looking forward to learning more about being a good writer from the more experienced writers of daily newspapers.  She is also, though a bit apprehensively, looking forward to the time away from the daily duties of motherhood.

While at the conference she meets many interesting writers, but her heart and thoughts are still back home with her husband Bill and her children.  She wonders if Bill can handle the house, dog, children and his job.  He says everything is going fine, but Lucy hears otherwise from others back home.  And, to top it off, Father’s Day is coming up and she hasn’t found the right gift yet.

Complicating things even further, the head of a large newspaper dynasty is murdered.  Lucy doesn’t believe the person charged with his murder is guilty and finds herself, once again, poking around for answers.

An Apple a Day

What a beautiful fall weekend!  Perfect temperatures (high 70’s – low 80’s).  With a request for apple pie and a desire to be outside, a trip to the apple orchard was in order.  The thought was to pick our own, enjoy the weather and spend less on this seasons expensive apples.  We were told the prices were high do to an early spring and fewer apples.   

The cider mill was packed.  It seems everyone else had the same idea on how to spend a perfect fall day.  When we got to the area where you pick your own apples we were told the workers had already picked them all. The apples were in huge wooden bins with signs depicting the type of apple in each bin.  All we had to do was decide how many apples we wanted (bushel, 1/2 bushel, peck etc.) and pay for that amount.  They gave us a bag to fill and off we went.  It was still a much better deal than purchasing them already bagged and we got to make sure all the apples in our bag were bruise free.  We also got to mix the types of apples we wanted.  We choose some apples that were perfect for cooking and some that were especially good for eating.

With our apples safely in the car, we headed to the building which held the apple cider and fresh donuts.  The cider there is so good we always take home a gallon or two.  And, the donuts couldn’t get any fresher.  They are still warm when they give them to you!  What a fun and relaxing way to spend a perfect fall day.

The apple pie was made Sunday and enjoyed by all.  Plans are in the works for applesauce and carmel apples.  Then again, I’m sure an apple crisp  will be desired too.