Cable Legwarmers #3

Cable Legwarmers ~ Back & Front

Are you tired of legwarmers yet?  I just finished my 3rd pair and I still have a couple  more pairs to go. 

This pair was completed using Patons Decor yarn in a cocoa brown shade called chocolate taupe.  I really like the yarn and the color.  I’m not sure why, but this yarn used exactly 1 oz. more yarn than the Lion Brand Wool-Ease did to make the same legwarmers.  Both yarns are a worsted weight and both are acrylic/wool blends.  I used 9 1/8 oz. for this pair of legwarmers and 8 1/8 oz. for the Lion Brand pairs. 

As I mentioned before, the pattern is called Mosey and was written by Susan Power.  It was published in the Knitty, Spring 2008 issue.

2 Responses to “Cable Legwarmers #3”

  1. Far away daughter Says:

    3 pairs made and you have 8 girls, but this girl wont wear them so don’t make me a pair! The girls especially Meghan would love them.

    • klccreations Says:

      ☺ I know you won’t wear them and I kinda figured the girls would love a pair. These are a little big for them. I need to cut the pattern down or find another pattern. I’m working on that. It might or might not happen for this Christmas.

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