An Apple a Day

What a beautiful fall weekend!  Perfect temperatures (high 70’s – low 80’s).  With a request for apple pie and a desire to be outside, a trip to the apple orchard was in order.  The thought was to pick our own, enjoy the weather and spend less on this seasons expensive apples.  We were told the prices were high do to an early spring and fewer apples.   

The cider mill was packed.  It seems everyone else had the same idea on how to spend a perfect fall day.  When we got to the area where you pick your own apples we were told the workers had already picked them all. The apples were in huge wooden bins with signs depicting the type of apple in each bin.  All we had to do was decide how many apples we wanted (bushel, 1/2 bushel, peck etc.) and pay for that amount.  They gave us a bag to fill and off we went.  It was still a much better deal than purchasing them already bagged and we got to make sure all the apples in our bag were bruise free.  We also got to mix the types of apples we wanted.  We choose some apples that were perfect for cooking and some that were especially good for eating.

With our apples safely in the car, we headed to the building which held the apple cider and fresh donuts.  The cider there is so good we always take home a gallon or two.  And, the donuts couldn’t get any fresher.  They are still warm when they give them to you!  What a fun and relaxing way to spend a perfect fall day.

The apple pie was made Sunday and enjoyed by all.  Plans are in the works for applesauce and carmel apples.  Then again, I’m sure an apple crisp  will be desired too.


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